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One would agree that this is a hard time for most employers around the world as we all scramble to contain the COVID19 pandemic. The unprecedented event has forced the government to order a stay at home forcing most business owners to shut down their business premises and work from home, thus bringing about the rise in the demands for work from home platform.


While this is a new trend in the workforce, not all businesses can survive this storm especially startups and small businesses. We at DS-Solutions have deemed it fit to lend a helping hand and reach out to any startups and small businesses who are interested in working from home but do not have the technical know-how.

Our work from home consultants can help you overcome these challenges and help develop a strategy for you that will enable you to run your business from home.

With our work from home strategy and the right working tool, you will be able to:

  1. Monitor your employees’ activities online
  2. Create work tasks and assign a task to individual staff members
  3. Our recommended work from home platform will enable your employees to be more efficient
  4. It will reduce the confusion with task responsibilities and deadlines,
  5. It will help you to increase productivity
  6. It will help increase your employees’ accountability for each task assigned to them.
  7. It will help reduce the amount of time spent on meetings
  8. It will help increase transparency and communication
  9. It’s time management and productivity features will make the job easier.
  10. It will help hold your employee accountable to the team
  11. It will allow you to see exactly what needs to be done and when


Other benefits you can derive from having your employees to work from home.

Reduced Overhead:

Empowering your employees to work from home will help you to reduce your overhead expenditures because you don’t have to supply office equipment or furniture since your employees will have to use their computers and internet connection to complete their work and staying in contact. Although you might have to support them with some stipend which can never be compared to the cost you would incur if you were to run your diesel generators and pay power bills.


Reduced Turnover:

Allowing employees to work flexible schedules can increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover.

This helps you cultivate a long-term staff that develops an increasing degree of knowledge about your business. Greater employee loyalty and reduced attrition also mean less time and money spent advertising for open positions, screening, interviewing and hiring new staffers and bringing them up to speed on job responsibilities.


Boosting Your Employees Morale:

Most employees that have the opportunity to work remotely tend to develop higher morale and become more responsible for their jobs than those in a traditional office environment. While research has shown that Increased morale does have a positive impact on the quality of work done and this goes a long way to benefits the business owners in the long run.


Ability to set clear expectations:

With our recommended work from home platform, you will have the ability to set clear expectations for your staff members, thus helping you to set a key performing index that can be used for staff appraisal. More so, this will give you the ability to monitor your staff’s daily working hours and can measure if they are truly working the full shift or not.


Contact us today if you need more information as our support team is ready to walk you through the right strategy and platform to deploy for your business according to your budget.

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