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Our Online Teachers Recruitment Consulting Services

We urge you to sign up for our teachers online recruitment service today if you are a parent or school owner in need of online teachers,  let us help you recruit the right teachers for your kids.

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When it comes to choosing a profession, the teaching profession is always likely to be at the bottom of the list, but thank God there is now an increasing demand for teachers online and we at DS-Solutions are proud to associate ourselves with teachers around the world.

Although not everyone wants to be a teacher, virtually everybody especially parents scout for the best teachers when it comes to the education of their children.

What does this mean for School owners and parents?

As for our parents, we urge you to enroll your kids in any of our online courses especially our homeschooling classes during this period of the Coronavirus outbreak. While the governments of most nations have called for a total shutdown of schools and learning institutions, we as teachers must not shutdown our teaching, we have to be proactive and more creative now that there is an increasing demand for the services of teachers online.


As for school owners, we at DS-Solutions encourage you to deploy an online teaching platform that will empower your teachers to be able to teach your students online so the kids can enjoy the benefits of learning from the comfort of their homes but for some schools and parents who might find it difficult to recruit online teachers, then we will be glad to help you out in this regards.

We therefore, urge you to signup for our teachers online recruitment service and let’s help you recruit the right internet-savvy teachers capable of teaching and engaging your kids online.

Our robust recruitment system will take the burden away from you while you spend the time saved on more important things.

Benefits of outsourcing your Online teacher’s recruitment to us:

  1. The assurance that your students or child will be thought by some of the best online teachers in the world.
  2. Constant and regular training of our teachers.
  3. Our teachers can develop quick and interactive lessons for your kids online.
  4. Our online teachers are trained to help groom your students to be more responsible with the ability to develop their self-esteem.
  5. Constant and continuous review of the number of our courses and topics taught online.
  6. Most importantly, providing our services at a lower cost compared to our competitors.
  7. Most of our students derive joy in their subjects, from English to Chemistry, Mathematics and computer studies.
  8. We ensure our students always have fun while learning from home.
  9. Protection of our students from cyberbullying.
  • Our teachers are always online to teach, encourage and help your kids out with their assignments or in any topics they are struggling with.


The demand for teachers online is currently on the rise especially during this Coronavirus lockdown period. However, most virtual or remote teachers on the market today are far behind today’s technology, especially when it comes to online teaching, collaboration and real-time engagement.


At DS-Solutions, we train and expose our teachers online to a variety of online tools that will help them create the virtual learning experience that will make their students feel more relaxed, confident and active in the virtual classroom.

For more information, kindly contact us today and together we shall make this “stay at home” period more interesting for our students to learn from home.

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