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Our Affordable Local SEO Services Is About Bringing Customers Through Your Doors

Why is search engine optimization important for small businesses? This is so because only the first 3pages of the search results will be read by a potential client or customer while the rest of the pages are likely to be ignored. Our Affordable Local SEO Services for small businesses is to ensure that your website is ranked among the first 3-5pages of the search result. So, it’s only through the implementation of a robust local search engine optimization that you stand a greater chance of your website ranking top among the search results based on the search queries or keywords and if you want to increase your revenue.

As one of the best SEO agencies for small businesses in West Africa, it is our priority to make sure that your site rank among the 1st 3-5pages of search result towards your chosen focus keywords within the shortest period of time.

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Our Tailored Local SEO Solutions

A brief summary of what you get from our custom local search engine optimization services that make us

one of the best SEO Agencies for small businesses around the world.



Our SEO experts will deep dive into your business to understand the specific keywords, keyword phrases and keyword groupings to target and implement throughout the content on your website. When determining which keywords to target for you, we’ll carry out a thorough keyword research analysis and choose those with high monthly searches and high conversion rates, so you stand a better chance of ranking for them.


Our link building experts and strategists will ensure we build quality links with high domain authority for you in a bit to drive traffic to your website and help rank higher in searches within your niche. We will also draft a professional business profile that can be shared across all the various links and business listings we do for you.


One of our result proven SEO strategies is the competitive analysis we carry out for our clients. So, we will carry out a thorough audit and analysis on your competitor’s website as well, to find out new opportunities for you to outsmart your competitors. Our custom Local SEO Services will help analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to your advantage.


Depending on the packages you subscribe to, we will help you optimize your paid search ads across all platforms like Google, Bing, Microsoft, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Adverts.
These paid ads will also be optimized constantly for you with the trending SEO practices to ensure that your contents are compliant with Google updates.


Our content marketing strategists will ensure your on-page content is constantly and regularly being optimized because search engine optimization practice is constantly revolving and content is king in the online business today. This can include new page contents like videos, images, articles or regular blogs, newsworthy press releases, complete eBooks, animations and illustrations.


You will get regular and timely reports from us so you can be carried along in the process, implementation, and progress of our Local SEO Services throughout the campaign tenure. This reporting schedule shall show everything we have done, doing and plan to do as we progress into the campaign and how it's impacted your online presence.

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Optimize your website today and increase your ROI up to 300% or even more.

Our team of experts will optimize your website for search engine searches and queries, especially if your business falls withing the Education, Real Estate, Fashion, Beauty, E-Commerce, Automobiles, Jewelry, Hospitals, Clinics, and Pharmacy Sectors.

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Reasons Why Our Affordable Local SEO Services Can Help You Increase Your Revenue

As one of the best SEO Agencies for small businesses in West Africa and beyond, we will help you get an edge over your biggest competitor with our custom strategies that combines Keyword Research, Technical and Local SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, Link Building, and other elements of Digital Marketing Practices to achieve one common goal which is an increase in your ROI.

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Increase Your Online Presence With Our Local SEO Services.

As your online presence or visibility increases, you will start gaining a gradual increase in your website traffic and the possibilities of converting these website visitors to paying customers will also increase due to the various Technical and Local SEO strategies we have deployed for you.


Our Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies Will Help You Grow Your Business.

We will carry out a thorough conversion rate optimization analysis on your website for both desktop and mobile devices to ensure that your website visitors convert to paying customers during your campaign tenure. This will ensure we are targeting the right customers for you within your local territory and beyond.


Our Mobile Voice Search Optimization Strategy Will Help Improve Your Ranking For Voice Searches.

Our Mobile Voice Search Engine Optimization Services and Strategies will also help improve your ranking in voice search results as our experts will make sure that your website is compatible with voice search features which is another one growing element of SEO practices around the world.

More Business Growth Guaranteed By Our Local SEO Services

Having a well optimized website that ensures an increased traffic, increased qualified leads, and an increased content all contribute to new growth opportunities of which can only be guaranteed by our search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, social media management, search engine analytics, mobile marketing, local search marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, and voice search optimization services.

Achieve Great Return On Investment With Our Local SEO Services.

More brand awareness, more traffic, more leads, more revenue, more business growth, more trust and authority can only mean great return on investment (ROI).  This is what our Local SEO Services can do for you in other to scale through these hard times of Covid-19 pandemic era.

When it comes to searching for products and services or schools on the internet, people or potential customers don’t always have the patience to scan through millions of the search results presented to them. About 95% of them don’t go beyond the 1st page of the search result (always being dominated by the bigger competitors) while only 30-60% tend to scan through the 2nd-5th page of the search result. So, this is where SEO comes in especially for small businesses. Our Affordable Local SEO Services is dedicated to helping small business owners rank higher for every possible search query in line with their products and services and especially for school owners in Africa in this pandemic period.


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