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Deploying an Online Teaching Platform is now very important for school owners as the government of the whole world is calling for a total shutdown of our schools to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak, many school owners are currently struggling to pay staff salary and most are at the risk of losing their lifetime investment to this pandemic because when schools are shut down, no students can come to school and what that means is that no parents will be willing to pay for the periods the kids have been kept at home especially if this extends beyond the expected time frame. Therefore, most schools now have to empower their teachers to be able to teach their students online.

Some Insight About The Best Online Teaching Platform Already Being Used.

Online Teaching Platform for Schools in African Countries

We urge all school owners to take advantage of our robust, highly interactive but yet affordable online teaching platform.

The online portal will enable school owners to run their schools right from the comfort of their homes and also empower their teachers to be able to teach the students right from home as well, while the students will have the opportunity to study from home as well.

This is the time for all of us to take responsibility now and save the lives of our loved ones.

By deploying an online learning platform or a virtual classroom portal for your school, this will go a long way in saving your lifetime investment and prevent you from losing your school, staff member or any student during this pandemic period.


Benefits Of Deploying An Online Teaching Platform Now For Your School:

  • It will help you to save the lives of your staff and students as well as keeping records of your students.
  • Your students will be able to have fun while learning from home.
  • It will save you a lot of money you would have incurred if you were to run the school physically.
  • It will help to engage the students more online even during this lockdown period.
  • It will equip your teachers to be more flexible in their mode of teaching.
  • It will enable your teachers to be more creative with their teaching methods compared to the regular classroom.
  • It will help you conduct a mock exam or your termly exams for your students, especially for senior students who are preparing for their final exams.
  • It will enable your school to be able to compete globally with other international schools
  • It will introduce an International curriculum system and encouraging independent learning among your students.
  • And most importantly, to make your students stand out among their pairs academically and in the use of technology.

Choosing The Right Online Teaching Platform

Online Teaching Platform For Schools in African Countries

Choosing the right online teaching platform for school owners can sometimes be a difficult decisions to make, but you need not to worry because that is why we are here for you. Feel free to contact us anytime if you are not sure of the right online teaching or learning platform for your school in Africa. We will help you evaluate your school’s current teaching platform, your website and other resources available and chose right affordable platform that can easily be customized for your online teaching needs.


Some Important Features of a Good Online Teaching Platform for Schools in Africa:


Questions Feature

  1. Shuffle within questions
  2. Adaptive mode
  3. Apply penalties
  4. Responses
  5. Answers
  6. Feedback
  7. General feedback
  8. Scores (available instantly or within 24hrs)
  9. Overall feedback
  10. Time limit


      Security Features:

  1. Require password
  2. Enforce only 1 attempt
  3. Browser security
  4. Require network/IP address


  • Quiz
  • Workshop
  • FORUM: for classroom discussion
  • . Assignment Submission
  • Submission status
  • Due date/time limit
  • Peer Assessment : (students get to assess themselves based on guidelines)
  • Grading status



The Learning Journal is a tool for students to self-reflect on the learning process. In addition to completing their assignment,

projects, quiz or test. Our students will be encouraged to use the

Learning Journal to document their weekly activities, record problems they have in any topic or subjects they may have encountered and to draft answers for Discussion Forums and Quiz.

The Learning Journal can be updated regularly (weekly), as the learning journals can be assessed by their class teachers, subject teachers or as part of their final or project grade.

online teaching platform image

The learning journal entry can be a reflective statement that  considers the following questions:

  • Describe what they did (either in projects or assignments). This does not mean that they copy and paste from their notes or textbooks.
  • They need to describe what they did and how they did it.
  • Describe their reactions towards what they did.
  • Describe any feedback they received from their classmates or any specific interactions they had with their subject teachers. Discuss
  • how this interaction was helpful to them in any subject.
  • Describe their opinion or suggestions.
  • Describe what they have learned


Another set of questions to consider in the learning journal statement  can also include:

  • What subject they find difficult to comprehend and why?
  • What happened that felt particularly challenging to them and why was it challenging?
  • What skills and knowledge do they recognize that they are gaining?
  • What do they realize about themselves as students?
  • In what ways are they able to apply the ideas and concepts gained

to improve on their week areas

  • Finally, your students should be able to self assess themselves and describe one important thing that they are thinking about in relation to their weekly activities in school or online.


  • Students would have access to past question papers
  • They will be encouraged to spend more time online studying and doing assignments while chatting with their friends on Facebook.


  • General information will be posted here
  • Parents can also use this to ask questions on any given projects or assignments
  • Students will be encouraged to use this portion to discuss any subjects or topics too.


  • The electronic copy of your newsletters will also be available here for download
  • The soft copy of the Pearl/School Magazine can also come online here as well


Contact us today for more information and professional advice on the best and affordable online teaching platform for your school in Cote D’Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Cameroon.

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