As the world struggles to contain the Ebolavirus outbreak, Governments around the world are calling for a shutdown of Schools, Offices and Social gathering, also the CDC and other concerned organizations have encouraged parents to keep their kids at home to explore Home Schooling and workers to Telework, we at DS Solutions have come out with a proactive plan to support Schools and small business owners run their organizations remotely, from home.

Support for Business Owners:

We will work with you to deploy a robust digital platform that will enable you to run your company from the comfort of your Bedroom, Living Room or Library, while enabling your staff to also be able to work remotely from home as well. By so doing, you can save your business from a total shutdown which might be really devastating and you might never recover from the great loss. be will not suffer a great


Support for School Owners:

We will work with you to deploy a robust digital platform that will enable you to run the School from home as well as your staff/teachers being able to teach remotely and your students being able to learn remotely too. Our strategic plan will save you a great deal and loss from a total shutdown of the school.

Our Virtual Classroom Platform is reach with so many features for you to be able to conveniently run the school remotely over the period of this pandemic and with this, your teachers will get to teach, give assignment, mark assignments, run test and even a complete examination online and remotely and your students can comfortable submit their assignments online as well as collaborating with other students safely online.

Support for Parents and Students:

As for parents and students looking for a reliable Home Schooling platform, we encourage you to join us today as we are warming up for our next batch of classes.

Currently, our platform is can only accommodate High School classes, but we are reviewing and considering classes for upper primary as well.

We also have other extended support services:

  1. International Admissions Consulting Services for Students.
  2. Assignment Wrtting Services for Students.

We encourage all our partners and parents not to wait until it is too late, we all have to act now and play our different roles if we want to successfully contain this pandemic as quickly as possible and without losing our companies to the virus as well.

Keep safe and we pray for the souls of the people already lost to the battle, may their souls rest in perfect peace.

Contact us today, to learn more about how we can help you make the best out of this "Stay at Home" period.