Your Digital Teaching Experience Begins Here!

Our Online course is open to you at your own speed. We allow you to progress according to your learning pace, current commitments and learning speed.

.Module 1a: Classroom Management
              1b: Things you never knew about being a teacher

.Module 2a: Learning Methods
             2b: Different types of learners and how to teach them

·Module 3a: Teaching Strategies
              3b: Some additions you can make to get you closer to your perfect classroom

·Module 4a: Lesson Plan
              4b: Basic yet effective ways to motivate your students in the long term

·Module 5a: English Grammar
              5b: All English Communication

·Module 6a: Contemporary Issues In English Language
              6b: Some interesting debating topics to explore in your class

·Module 7a: Teaching Grammar
              7b: Periodic testing for the jet age students

·Module 8a: Vocabulary
              8b: Basic tenses and how to use them.

·TModule 9a:Pronounciation
                9b: Some games worth exploring

·TModule 10: Young Learners

·Module 11: Adult Learners

·Module 12: Teaching Auditory Language Skills (Speaking & Listening)

·Module 13: Teaching Literacy Skills (Reading & Writing)

·Module 14: Learner Feedback & Development

·Module 15a: Teaching Students abroad or Online
              15b: Writing a resume for an Internet Savvy Teacher

· Pre-Exam Summary

· Final Exam Questions

This course is centered around modern teaching methodology but with the English Language as a case study.

The training material includes: explanations, readings, training videos and sample instructional material which may be used and reviewed as you wish.

Each module will be accompanied by a review section, for you to assess your learning.

Once you have completed the reviewed section, you may take the end of course examination.

The knowledge and skills gained in the tailored course can be applied in teaching other subjects.